It's my Life..

It's my Life..

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Will You go out with me for some Paani Puri !!! ;)

A couple of days, while I was coming back from my office after I had a so called "Pathetic Day at the Office".. I felt like having some Paani puri at Kalyan Nagar, just opposite to Beijing Bites.. It was around 8 pm .. So, I got down at Kalyan Nagar and started walking towards that "Dukan".. Took a couple of steps and what I saw , literally shocked me !!! A Huge number of people, waiting for their turn , at that Paani Puri shop and the Paani Puri wala ( That's how we refer them ), was literally having a tough time (a). To give proper Paani puri and maintain the standards (b). To keep a count of the number .. Seeing that, gave me a thought.. "Am I really at Bangalore ? or is it some city at North India ?" ( BTW, by North India, we mean rest of India other than South ).. Going close to that "Dukan", I heard multiple voices , saying multiple things to that Paani Puri wala.. "Jhaal Hoi ni" .. "Aalu kaam hain " ... "Mircha thora daaliye " .. "Bhaiyaaa.. Thora free wala milega " .. I was just feeling awesome over there, Just was feeling that I am back at home.. 

So, what is this Paani Puri.. Well, we are not sure as to who started this.. but I can assure you that this is the unofficial National food of our country.. and almost every region can have a say about their Paani puri and can have a debate , saying that "Our Paani Puri is the best ".. But then .. not every region calls it "Paani puri" .. The Delhi-ites, Biharis call it "Gol Gappe" .. The Oriya and the people from Chhattisgarh call it "Gup Chup" .. The Mumbaikaars , Tamils , Gujjus , Kannadikas and the Andhraas call it "Paani Puri ", while we Bongs call it "Fuchka ".. Sounds Funny though all of them.. The real name .. Only God Knows.. 

What exactly is this food, if any one asks.. Well, to be fair.. it's very simple.. Prepare a small puri.. put some mixture and some water.. and that's it.. But to be fair, again, it's prepared very differently in different regions.. and each of them are equally good.. It's like remixes of the original one.. The one that I am used to , back in my hometown in Kolkata, uses the mixture , which mainly consists of Alu ( potato ) , some coriander leaves, some bits and pieces of Onion , salt and "Lonka " (in english , it's called Chilly )  as we normally say.. Once the mixture is prepared, it's put in that Puri, then the whole is dipped in Tamarind water and then "Khob".. That Piece of Puri has gone straight into our mouth.. Hmm.. Yummy!!!

 Pic Courtesy : Google

What makes them So Special !!! To Quote from one of my very favorite movies Maach , Misthi and More.. "What makes them So Tasty .. The Butt -Scratching fingers, the Arm Pit Sweat , the Nose Digging Hands".. :) :) .. Actually.. This is one of those Indian Street Foods, which is available at a very cheap price and it is very tasty .. As I said previously, when you are near a Paani Puri shop, you tend to hear loads of voices, Sweetly or Angrily .. "Jhaal Hoi Ni.. Aro Lonka Dao " ( means It's not spicy and Needs a bit of spice  ) .. "Bhaiyaa.. Ek free wala do naa" .. "Bhaiya.. Woh special wala do naa " .. and This is one of those places.. when the Male:Female ratio is almost same.. Young people tend to keep challenges over how many can you eat.. while others normally find it a sweet moment in their day , to have some Paani Puri.. and the funny thing is with the Paani Puri wala.. He is the person who normally gets those abnormal requests of preparing the Paani Puri of the customer's choice.. Like "Bhaiya.. Thora khatta-mithaa milaake Dena" .. "Bhaiya .. Usme thora nimbu maar dena" .. "Oh Bhai.. Thora aur Paani Daal naa " .. Various Requests.. All granted.. But the Best part of this Entire Food Thingy is To Sip away the water that remains in the bowl that they serve the Paani Puri, after you say "Baas.. aur nehi " .. That Feeling is something very special.. :) .. So, to all those, who haven't tried this bit of food.. Please go ahead and try it.. It's something very special.. These are little pleasures in Life.. :)
 Pic Courtesy : Rab ne Bana di Jodi

Coming back to where I was.. I finally got my chance of having the Paani Puri at that shop in Kalyan Nagar, after standing for 15 mins.. Started having it...and while having it, i was looking at a cute girl, who was also having the same Paani Puri from the same shop, at the opposite end .. we exchanged glances, smiled at each other.. and started eating again..  When It was over, I had the last look at her and out of no where... Asked her  "Will you go out with me for some more Paani Puri :) ?"


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