It's my Life..

It's my Life..

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Here I am.. Back Again..

"Welcome Back" .. This is what I used to get , whenever I used to visit this Blog.. My Blog.. a blog which has witnessed so many ups and downs in my life.. which has allowed me to tell all my secrets.. Well, Today I have taken some time off from my day to day activities, in order to share some things with you... Kya Batau --- It has been a long time.. since I last wrote a post over here... 

But then, When you are working in IT, what else can you say.. The last time, I wrote a post.. at that time, I was just a year old in IT... Fresh with energy, enjoying the Bangalore Life.. and making new friends... Everything felt so exciting.. 
This time, the excitement has been a little less.. Energy levels little down.. Bangalore Life -- Saturated ... Friends became Foes and Foes became Acquaintances and Acquaintances became Friends.. Best Friends stayed the same  and Best Enemies deserved the award for staying the same... But saying all this ... won't disregard the fact that how much I miss Durgapur and Asansol... and Kolkata.. How much I miss the "Maach , Misthi and More" .. and moreover the fact that I miss my parents a lot.. But what can I do.. Have to deal with what I have at the moment.. and be Happy with what I have at the moment.. So ,no more of lameting.. Let's Move on.. shall We !!

Last time, I said that I was working at Whitefield.. Well.. my work location has changed.. Project has changed.. Now, this one is more hectic than the previous one.. more work load, more responsibilities .. more blah blah !!! .. Currently posted at Subramanya Arcade, Banerghatta Road... the Place which I hate the most, for which, most of the time, I work from home.. or work from Manyata... whichever is better on the day.. Made good friends over there.. Good thing is that people are jolly over there.. but the work pressure has made them , a little dull.. Can't help.. Let's see, where this project leads me into .. Who knows.. there might be a Switch ;)

I am still staying at the Paying Guest at Manyata.. Yeah.. I know, it is a huge distance to my actual office.. but can't help.. I am just attached to this place... Kuch Aalag ee hain iski Aaada.. Have come across three room-mates .. Shashank, Roeas and the current Rohan .. All of them, have been very generous and very very friendly... the Perfect roomie for me.. :D .. Food habits have changed a lot.. There is less of South Indian Daal and more of Punjaabi , Bihari and American food habits.. Hence, have grown a little Fat !!! :( .. Kya karu.. Anyways, I am back to dieting days... ( Hopefully that day arrives very soon ).. 

Have always been a bad Friend.. I have really not kept much contact with many people.. but whatever info I have .. I will share with you guys.. who knows.. Even you might be interested in the same.. ;) [Yaad aa raha .. Tera pyaar ] ... 
Let's start with our Wing mates.. Not much about Deba and Chiru... Dip is currently studying at CMU ( Carnegie Mellon ).. and by the way, He is engaged.. No No no.. don't go back to my previous blogs... It's not one among them.. but Someone special to him... Official Engagement ceremony is done.. and I wish them a very successful and Happy Life ahead.. Rohit is currently at Vadodara and am not that sure.. who is his "Saathi"at the moment.. Who ever she is .. not that bothered.. because he is busy with his Camera and his clicks... :) ... Shanti is at SP Jain... Njoying his MBA life and very soon, will be a successful Entrepreneur .. I can give you that guarantee... His Love Life.. Let that be a secret.. ;) .. But I hope he has left back his past history away from him only ... My Bro.. Anirban, has finally completed M.Tech and will pursue PhD very soon... Amit.. The IT Guy.. is somewhere Abroad.. not much in contact though.. only via our Purki Gang whatsapp group.. Rajdip is pursuing his PhD from Canada and is living a wonderful life ... Ashish is again, MBA guy... Indra , Bhabha and Arindam are doing there jobs.. and living a wonderful life... With regards to my school friends.. Khan Baba ji is still at IISCO ( for those who don't know.. he cracked SAIL and is at IISCO, Burnpur ) .. and is very desperate to get married.. Hope he gets married soon.. My Best Friend and a loving sister.. Aditi.. got married in 2014 to a wonderful guy.. She is at IBM only... Wish her a wonderful life ahead.. ( @Adi -- Please Maarish naa for this nyakamo :D ).. Nandini is doing good and is one of my those friends in clg.. with whom, I still have contact.. She is still jolly as she used to be.. Last but not the least..Moushumi.. She is doing very good.. One of my biotech Friends, who is working in a Biotech industry.. at Mylan.. currently, She is residing at Bangalore and We fight a lot... :D

Talking about friends... It would be bad if I don't mention Divya, Ebi, Jaya's name.. who has kept my Bangalore Life interesting.. with all the gossips and all.. All of them are doing really good.. Also, it would be very very bad if I don't mention Runa's name .. who is my IBM's Best Bong Friend.. The Jolliest ( Pardon my grammar )  girl.. I have ever seen... 

With regards to Clicks and all, forgot to tell you that I have bought a DSLR .. Nikon D5100... have a personal website , having my photographs... You can visit that once.. Https:// 
Also, have bought a new mobile.. Lumia 730.. have got rid of that HTC ONE V.. although was feeling bad... as many of my favorite memories , were clicked using that phone.. 

About Me, If I have to say something... I would just say that .. the Term "Settle" is something that I haven't learnt yet.. hence, nothing much about my love life.. Just that , someone has come back again.. 

Here She is ... Back Again..

Till we meet next time.. 

P.S - Nothing :P

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